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Ethiopian Motion Design and Visual effects Community

It was first originated in August 2017, founded by Mearg Taddese.

EMVC stands as a unique online and local gathering place for Ethiopian Visual Artists and Creative Thinkers, providing a platform to exchange ideas, share resources, and engage in discussions centered around Motion Designs.

Within this community, Artists receive constructive feedback on their work, fostering local networking and collaboration opportunities. EMVC encourages members to share valuable content, inspirations, and resources, creating an inclusive space for showcasing projects. The community actively organizes local members, facilitating collaborations within Ethiopia's creative landscape.

Since its establishment, EMVC has grown to include over 700 local members. Now operating under BazetoFX, this transition further enhances its reach, connecting with new audiences and members not only locally but also extending its presence throughout Ethiopia and beyond.


  • Foster Skill Development: Share and enhance both technical and soft skills within our community of artists.

  • Demonstrate Local Expertise: Showcase the capability of local artists to create impactful visual effects for clients, both within Ethiopia and on the international stage.

  • Establish a Robust Foundation: Build a healthy and resilient infrastructure for the VFX industry, ensuring sustainable growth and long-term success.

  • Contribute to Film Industry Growth: Actively participate in the expansion and development of the local film industry by leveraging our expertise and creating collaborative opportunities.


  • Weekly Skill Challenges: Hosting engaging weekly challenges where members can showcase and challenge each other with their evolving skills.

  • Educational Content Creation: Crafting tutorial videos, including impactful YouTube tutorials, utilizing the expertise within our community to share knowledge and insights.

  • Job Facilitation: Facilitating job opportunities for diverse, talented artists by bridging connections with the external creative landscape, opening doors for collaboration and professional growth.

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