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BazetoFX - Crafting Visual Dreams into Reality.

Bazeto, established in 2021 by Mearg Taddese and Alebachew Aragie, proudly holds the distinction of being the inaugural visual effects company in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Specializing in feature film VFX with a focus on Simulation-based effects, we are at the forefront of the Ethiopian visual effects industry.

At Bazeto, our commitment as pioneers extends beyond mere innovation – we are fervently dedicated to elevating the visual effects landscape in Africa. Our passion drives us to set new standards for high-end VFX in the region, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. We aim to make a meaningful impact on the industry by redefining possibilities and contributing to the evolution of storytelling.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of visual effects as a storytelling tool and consistently seek avenues to push the limits of what is possible. Our dynamic team harnesses the latest technologies and techniques to craft visually stunning narratives that breathe life into your projects. At Bazeto, we aspire to leave a lasting imprint on the world of visual effects, inspiring the next generation of filmmakers.

team photo of our visual effects studio, bazeto

Our Team

Bazeto is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and creative environment where our artists can flourish. Established by artists, for artists, our primary commitment is to their well-being and professional growth. Guided by this ethos, our team of skilled visual effects artists relentlessly pursues excellence to ensure we consistently deliver the highest quality work for our valued clients.

Alebachew Aragie is CEO and Executive VFX Producer at Bazeto visual effects

Alebachew Aragie

CEO / Exec VFX Prod

Mearg Taddese is co-founder, FX Lead and supervisor at Bazeto visual effects

Mearg Taddese

FX Lead

Kalkidan is our concept artist at Bazeto visual effects

Kalkidan Aklilu

Concept Artist

Yordanos is our Animator at Bazeto visual effects

Yordanos Tsegaye


Samuel is our compositing artist at Bazeto visual effects

Samuel Takele


Hidaya is our FX artist at Bazeto visual effects

Hidaya Mohamed

FX  Artist

Ashenafi is our FX artist at Bazeto visual effects

Ashenafi Yegabez

FX  Artist

Tsion is our FX artist at Bazeto visual effects

Tsion Temesgen

FX TD / Artist

Khalid is our FX artist at Bazeto visual effects

Khalid Abdulatif

FX TD / Artist

Addis is our sales at Bazeto visual effects

Addis Geremew


Helen is our sales at Bazeto visual effects

Helen Niguese


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